Changing Seasons and Growing Artists

As we usher in cooler temperatures and the Holiday Season, our little Voyager Artists are exploring even more subjects, vocabulary and types of artistic media.

Our younger students have been working on basic drawing skills, continuing the use of Line and Shape to create compositions. Most recently, we have been discussing how artists use different kinds of colors to express themselves. Fall is a great time to explore Warm Colors and we have been doing just that. This week, we will finish a very precious Autumn Tree that I’m sure our Voyager Parents will enjoy.

Older students have been discussing the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. We have discussed cool and warm colors and how artists use them together to create contrast and emphasis within an artwork. To exhibit this,  we are working on Fall Landscapes and our very first Still Life in the 3rd and 4th grade classes.

While it is important to me that our students understand the most effective ways to use media, I try my best to infuse a lot of personal expression in our lessons. For example, we may all be creating a vase of flowers. But, each vase will be different…each child will choose the types and colors of flowers he or she will include. In my opinion, this is how we create artists and not carbon copies of a teacher’s example. This is how we light the fire of creativity in our students. This is the time when they learn that Art is not only for the child who can draw just like the teacher. Art is for everyone and that is something we happily celebrate in our Voyager Art Class.

On a personal note, I would like to sincerely thank you all for the cards, thoughts and prayers in the last few weeks. I am a very proud cancer survivor and with that survival comes some health challenges that have kept me away from our classroom more than I would like. But, I am fortunate to be part of a school where the outpouring of love is never ending and your students and my fellow faculty have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. The community at Voyager is a beautiful artwork, in itself.

In the coming weeks before winter break, we will explore winter and Holiday themed artworks together. I look forward to each Tuesday I share with your students and I hope they are enjoying our time together, as well.

In Love and Peace,

Mrs. Slone



Chugging Along in Art Class!

Hello Friends,

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks because we have been so wonderfully busy in our fabulous Art Class. We have been getting to know one another and what the expectations are in our classroom. I am really enjoying getting to know all my students!

Lately, we have been discussing Line and how artists use it to create artworks. We began the year by creating Self Portraits in grads 1-4 and “Line Monsters” with our sweet kindergarteners. These beginning projects are essential in observing our students’ handling of art materials and concepts. It helps me to observe and decide how to move our students forward. I also get to see the personality of our Voyager students and get to know them better.

Right now, our younger students are finishing up some line drawings with a little painting thrown in. Older students (grades 3/4) have been discussing Pablo Picasso and his use of expressive lines in his Rooster inspired painting series. These students are in the process of creating their own Picasso inspired Roosters.

As we move along in Art class, I try to reiterate to our students that our goal in Art is not to create a “perfect” representation of an example I give them. We may do some guided drawing exercises to help build our confidence and make the connections between Art Elements and completed artworks, but choice in an art class is very important. I evaluate our students according to their effort in applying the art concepts we discuss.

Every child is an artist. This is what Pablo Picasso so famously believed and so do I. I want to encourage as much authenticity as I can while still helping our students gain knowledge of visual art concepts and experience using different art making materials and techniques. Children this young are often still mastering fine motor skills and the art products will reflect a wide variety of skill levels. This is just fine. Please encourage your child by discussing how all people are different and so our Art will also reflect this. This is something I constantly remind our students of each week so they can feel free to be themselves and create.

I am excited to get back in class with the students tomorrow. We are going to begin working on a fundraiser for our Art class soon and will be creating an online art gallery via I will send out more details about this as we move along.

Mrs. Slone



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A Great First Week in the Art Room ( :

What a great first day we had in Art class! We talked all about our rules and procedures in the Art room and each student created a “portfolio” out of construction paper. This portfolio will be used all through the year as a folder to keep our artworks in. It will help me learn everyone’s name, keep things organized and help us all learn to really treasure and value the artworks we make together. Students decorated them any way they wanted and that also helped me see how well we can handle art supplies and helped me catch a glimpse of all the amazing personalities and interests in our Voyager Art Room.

There was a little confusion among the fourth grade class about bringing an art box to class this year. Rest easy this year in knowing that all the supplies our students need will already be available in the Art room, pre-portioned and ready to go on Tuesdays. The only thing your child needs to bring to Art is a smile and an imagination, unless of course, you would like to donate something to the Art room. We love donations and any and everything is appreciated!

Next week, we will talk about Line and how artists use it to create artwork. Grades 1-4 will look at famous Self Portraits and we will discuss them and then begin our very own Self Portrait! Kindergarteners will discuss different types of Line and we will make an artwork using those lines and practice using our art materials together.

I can’t wait to see my friends in the Art room next week! My family and I are going to spend some time out at the beach this weekend to celebrate the end of a great first week of school in Charleston County. My kids like to collect shells and make collages out of them. What do you like to collect? Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.34.01 AM